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Welcome to the World, Mr. Darcy!

Willow, our dark brown, award-winning huacaya dam, gave birth to a healthy male cria on Tuesday, October 15th at around 1 pm. He is a handsome bay-black weighing in at 14 pounds. He was up and nursing with the hour after birth. He is a friendly little boy. We are unabashedly naming our extremely handsome […]

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Welcome to the herd, Amelia!!!

Sometime, at approximately 9:00 a.m., a healthy light fawn female cria weighing 19 pounds was born to Priscilla. The cria is named Amelia, after our daughter, Emily, who turned 16 yesterday; and after Amelia County, the home of five generations of Andersons since the 1880’s. Amelia weighed in at 19 pounds. She was born in […]

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From a Stormy Start to One in a Million

For four or so weeks, we observed Stormy nurse his mom and gain weight. Sometimes, he could hold his head up and walk like a normal alpaca. Other times, he looked like he suffered from “heavy head syndrome”, which is not a real malady, but it gives a good visual for how he comported himself […]

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A Learning Opportunity

It’s nice when everything “goes right”, but you don’t learn a thing! We have had 5 cria born to us: Ice Boy, Johnny Fleece, Black Jack, Stormy, and Sissy. Four of the five births went swimmingly. Some days we were there to see an uneventful, smooth, normal birth. On the day of hurricane Sandy, however, […]

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Welcome to the herd: “Stormy” Anderson and “Sissy” Anderson!

On Sunday afternoon, October 28, the day that Super Storm Sandy slammed the east coast, Bob assisted Cinderella in delivering a male cria. Baby’s fetlock was stuck and Bob gently eased it outĀ facilitatingĀ his first alpaca birth. It was a rough start, but the cria is doing well, now. We agreed to call him “Stormy” (Anderson’s […]

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