Peruvian Hats



Child Green Peruvian Hat - $25 - Small-Medium


Child Red Peruvian Hat - $25 - Medium-Large


Child Blue Peruvian Hat - $25 - Small-Medium


Brown Tan Snowflake Zig-zag - $45


Grey Brown Big Snowflake - $45


Grey Brown Zig-zag Diamonds - $45


Tan Brown Double Diamond - $45


Tan Brown White Diamonds - $45


These Adult size Alpaca Ski Hat’s are handcrafted in the USA with US grown alpaca fiber! They come in 5 stylish pattern knits and color combinations . The outer shell is made from alpaca while the inside is fully lined with Polartec Fleece making the hat very comfortable and warm. The top tassle and two ties are braided by hand, giving the hat a nice quality finish. This hat is the perfect combination of style and function. 

Colors: Variations of Brown/Tan/White/Grey

 Sizes:  Adults – One Size

 Retail: $45

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HAPY - July 6, 2012 - 10:24 pm

I believe that the acalpa breeders market will continue, and has strength. It will not go the way of the emus for sure. The emus had no real end product, whereas acalpas do. The key is the end product, the fiber. Alpacas have a luxury fiber and eventually the majority of acalpa breeders will be fiber producers. The key is setting ourselves up for this eventuality and making it a soft landing and not a hard crash. Those wanting to stay in the breeding side will have to invest in the best stock when it comes to fiber production, focusing on acalpas who best meet the needs of the fiber market for the long term. It is a new world out there for acalpa breeders, but one where great fiber always wins the day!

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