Welcome to the Herd, Lady Liberty

On July 2nd, our Mattie Mae gave birth to her first cria, a female. We named the new little one Lady Liberty, given the proximity of her birth to our nation’s birthday. Libbie weighed in at a healthy 13 pounds. She was a great nurser and mom made lots of good rich milk. Libbie has gained 10 pounds since she was born.

Libbie and her mom are suri alpacas. Suris are more rare than the other kind of alpaca, the huacaya. Huacayas are wooly like typical sheep. Their fleece is crimpy and grows perpendicular to their skin. Suri fleece falls in long, lustrous locks that parts along the line of the spine. The ringlets sway and dance in a fluid motion as the suri alpaca moves. It is so pretty to watch. Libbie has gorgeous fleece that just captivates whoever beholds her. It is no wonder – she is an heir to the Macgyver genetics.

Macgyver, Mattie Mae’s granddaddy, is a full Peruvian Suri who has produced more champions than any other alpaca. Libbie will surely command her fair share of ribbons when she is old enough to show.

Enjoy the pictures of her.

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