I Knit, Therefore I Am

I am a lifelong crocheter and recently tried knitting. Again. There were several starts and stops over the years.

My mother tried to teach me as a child. God love her, but, I didn’t catch on. Our lessons ended in tears.

A dear colleague handed me a ball of yarn and some needles with 20 stitches cast on. She patiently showed me how to knit. I made some progress. I knit a few rows over the course of weeks. Adding and dropping stitches along the way, and after a couple of months, my valiant effort yielded  a foot-long, wavy beginning of a scarf. I was profoundly better at crocheting and wanted to “produce”, so I leveled off on the knitting and didn’t finish my first starter scarf. Jeanne generously gave me a second ball of yarn with bigger needles. Same story. I was OK. progress was slow. I wasn’t sure how I would overcome the hump of having to be patient with myself and just practice enough so that I could get better.

At last spring’s Powhatan Festival of Fiber, a customer to our booth hear me tell that story to another customer. She piped up and offered two word: “Continental knitting.” What’s that? She explained that it is a technique they use in northern and eastern Europe and crocheters find it easier than English knitting. I filed that away, knowing I would look it up when I had a chance.

More months pass. Now it is fall and I am back at the farmers market chatting with our friendly customers, telling the same story about my challenge with knitting, this time ending with “I will have to find out about and try continental knitting.” Standing right there was another customer, Brenda. She joined our conversation and sang the praises of that technique. The next week, she returned to see us at the market and handed me a bag with ball of yarn, a pair of size 10 needles, and a few stitches cast on. Brenda proceeded to demonstrate how to knit a dishcloth. Instead of doing yarn over from the right, you hold the yarn in the left hand like crocheters do and pick it up with the right needle. It was what I needed to overcome my block!!!

I knit on over the course of a few weeks, accepting  all the goofy mistakes I made as I forgot and recalled how to construct the dishcloth. When winter came, I had more time to focus and finish. After finishing the first, which was supposed to be square , I immediately started and finished the second.  Enjoy the pictures of the first two things I completed knitting.

I am very pleased with both.. At last. At long last. I knit.



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