Welcome to the World, Mr. Darcy!

Willow, our dark brown, award-winning huacaya dam, gave birth to a healthy male cria on Tuesday, October 15th at around 1 pm. He is a handsome bay-black weighing in at 14 pounds. He was up and nursing with the hour after birth. He is a friendly little boy.

We are unabashedly naming our extremely handsome young male after the protagonist in Jane Austen’s Pride & Predjudice, Mr. Darcy. Like the fictional character, our gentleman stands tall and proud. Our Darcy displays all of the desirable characteristics of a young alpaca. His fleece is exceedingly silky and such a pretty color! He is energetic, alert, and bonding to his mother.

Willow, the mom, is a ribbon-winner. She placed 2nd at the AOBA national show in 2007. Her fleece is dense, fine, and a deep red brown color. She is a wonderful Mom and great producing dam. We still have Darcy’s brother, Black Jack.

Darcy’s daddy, Fireweed’s Sharif, is a also champion with a fine pedigree on both dam and sire! He placed first at the Virginia classic as youngest of the group.

All the alpacas in the herd are warmly welcoming Mr. Darcy. Wilbur, the guard llama, is so protective; he couldn’t stop himself from photo-bombing the pictures of people handling Darcy.

We are so pleased! Enjoy the pictures.



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