In the Misty at the Market

We are enjoying Saturdays at the Farmers Market. This autumn season has been beautiful. Sunny all Saturdays until today. Today was misty.  And it was a beautiful Misty. Bob raised the tent and we created a “wall” using a tarp. We narrowed the display to shelter our alpaca products from the moisture.  And all was well.

Though there was less foot traffic, today, it was fun to have extra time to spend chatting with our regular customers-friends and to make new ones. Fun to meet another “Maureen”. Fun to share with a new customer, as she tried on a triangle cape, her discovery that the alpaca cape was soft and warm and not itchy at all. Fun to share the in the anticipation that the new daughter-in-law will LOVE her new baby alpaca headband. Fun that the first sale of the day was to the same loyal customer who kicked off our sales 4 of the 6 Saturdays we have been here, this season. Fun to meet the lady carrying the cutest MiKi dog in a baby sling. Fun to assist the lady and her boy as they examined a dozen possible gift items before deciding on a scarf, gauntlets, and head gear for their beloved Auntie. Fun to counsel the woman, whose son works in DC and walks a lot, as she chose the perfect scarf for him to wear this cold winter. I can just imagine him, now, handsome and warm in his new white alpaca scarf as he makes his way to work.

And how I enjoy the “market kids” who come to our booth and play store with me. These sweet kids, children of other vendors, visit us, play with the finger puppets, and help me sticker new inventory. Using their best handwriting, they formed perfect dollar signs to the left of the numerals 1 and 8. This is so our customers are sure that the socks are only $18 a pair and NOT $81.

Perhaps my favorite market memory is from last holiday market. A father and daughter were admiring several items. The daughter especially liked – no, she drooled over – the Dutch Chullo hat with pompoms. Dad shook his head no and told her “Naaa, we are not getting that. Let’s move along.” Then, about five minutes later, he scrambled back over and said, “Hurry. Gimme that hat. Put it in a bag. Quick!”  I can just imagine her joy when she opened her present.

Yes. Mornings at the market are beautiful no matter the weather.

Dutch chullo hat


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