Welcome to the herd, Amelia!!!

Sometime, at approximately 9:00 a.m., a healthy light fawn female cria weighing 19 pounds was born to Priscilla. The cria is named Amelia, after our daughter, Emily, who turned 16 yesterday; and after Amelia County, the home of five generations of Andersons since the 1880’s.

Amelia weighed in at 19 pounds. She was born in the pasture, in a furrow. Our friend, Alpaca Tom, happened upon Amelia and her mom, Priscilla. He kindly cleaned Amelia and dried her off. Tom brought them both up to the barn where they are currently taking shelter for a few days.

Priscilla, a 5 year-old Gideon’s daughter,  is a second-time mom, having previously delivered and successfully nursed one of our juveniles, Magdalena. Prissy is a prize-winner; she took second in a class of 12 light fawn females at the Carolina Alpaca Celebration.

Amelia’s father is a bit of a mystery at the moment. Reminds me of the Mama Mia movie. The sire is either Gabriel or Bagheera. We had initially exposed Prissy to Bagheera in a couple of pen breeding scenarios. Later, Bagheera, had an unfortunate and fatal accident. Since it was too early to tell whether she was pregnant, and the prime mating season was closing, we exposed Prissy to Gabriel in pen breeding settings, as well.

Methinks it is most likely that Gabriel is her sire. Not that you can tell just because her coloring is light fawn. Gabe was a gorgeous dark fawn and Baggy was beautiful black. But, like Labs, you can get any color out of any pair of parents. I think Gabriel is the cria-daddy because Prissy didn’t spit off when we introduced him to her. Often, females who have been impregnated will spit at and reject an amorous male. In any case, we will learn who Amelia’s daddy is when we send her blood sample to ARI. They will do some genetic testing and we will know for sure the answer to the question: Who’s your Daddy?

God bless mother and child.


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