Welcome to the herd: “Stormy” Anderson and “Sissy” Anderson!

On Sunday afternoon, October 28, the day that Super Storm Sandy slammed the east coast, Bob assisted Cinderella in delivering a male cria. Baby’s fetlock was stuck and Bob gently eased it out facilitating his first alpaca birth. It was a rough start, but the cria is doing well, now. We agreed to call him “Stormy” (Anderson’s Stormy Weather will be his ARI name).

Bob delivers Stormy while Lisa holds and comforts Cinderella

Stormy standing up

On Wednesday morning, October 31st, Wolfberry delivered her female cria without any incident or fuss. It was perfect delivery; cria standing and nursing in a hour or two from birth. We are so please to receive this pretty, tan female into the family. “Sissy” is our first female cria born to us (we purchased the rest of our females).

Sissy, one day old

Proud Mama, Wolfberry, and day-old cria, Sissy

The rest of the alpacas took shelter under the barn during the days that Super Storm Sandy poured down on all of us. Thanks to the renovations to the barn floor by James and Lisa and Bob,  the inside of the barn stayed dry, all the water drained away as it should.

Alpacas weathering Super Storm Sandy

Water drains AWAY from the barn – Yes!

Bob spent most of 4 nights and 5 days at the barn, in the makeshift “maternity ward”, ensuring that Stormy, who was weak from the tough delivery, received enough nourishment via bottle feeding of Dearden’s goat’s milk. It was a chore, but Stormy eventually learned how to nurse his own mama.

Teaching Stormy to nurse

The “Maternity Ward” created to protect everyone from the storm.

Stormy and Sissy are faring well…

Wolfberry, Sissy, & Bob share a moment

Stormy nurses his mama

catherine etter - November 26, 2012 - 6:37 pm

I am so near tears, what wonder, what gifts, so much care and compassion, just as the world should be…………

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