Alpacas Returning to West End Farmers Market!

Willow & Black-Jack at the market

We had a lovely day at the market last Saturday! The weather was beautiful and the alpacas were eating hay out of people’s hands. We are coming back to the West End Farmers Market with the alpacas this weekend!

Willow and her cria, Black-Jack, were our fleecy guests. Willow, a dark brown 6 year year-old female, is part of our “foundation” herd. She had given birth to 4 beautiful alpacas. We have two of her sons: Johnny Fleece (18 mos) and Black-Jack (6 mos).  This was Black-Jack’s first outing ever. He stayed close to mom most of the time, but was comfortable enough to step away now and then to eat hay from the hand of a friendly human. By the way, his fleece is truly black under the red-brown clay dust that clings to the surface of his fleece. You can see his ears are black and so are his feet.

This weekend, the weather promises to be beautiful, again. And we are bringing our alpacas back to the market. I can’t be sure who we will bring; it will depend on who is easiest for Bob to “catch” so early in the morn.

I ordered more socks and boot liners. I hope to have them in time for this weekend’s market. To those of you who have been looking forward to more socks, I will email you if they do come in.

Meanwhile, come out and stock up on alpaca gear. Winter is coming and so are the holidays. We accept, cash, “checks” and credit-card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover). The market is in Richmond, Virginia, at the corner of Gayton Road & Ridgefield Parkway. See you there!

Market kids feeding the alpacas

Black Jack and Willow enjoying the Market

People & Alpacas enjoying one another

Friends feeding friends

Black Jack’s first day out

Black Jack munching on some hay


Having fun at the market!

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