Shearing Atlas and Showering Salty Dog and Friends

Atlas undergoes his shearing


Showers of cool, cool water

Yesterday, was shearing day on the farm. I have posted video of the shearing by Darrin & Andrew to You Tube. Atlas is the alpaca submitting to the haircut. He seems to fall asleep or go into some kind of deep relaxation during the process. When it is over, he has to be nudged and shaken before he realizes that it is time to get up. Most of them hop up right away and scamper off.  The sound you hear in the background is Bob & James, off camera, preparing another animal to be shorn next. They are blowing his fleece with a leaf blower to remove as much dirt and vegetation as possible before shearing. This saves us some work during the skirting process. Click on this link or the picture on the left to view the shearing.

It was a pretty hot day. The video on the right shows James spraying the hose on a few animals who seem to be thinking, “Wow! Two great ideas in one day. We get to lose the long hair and run in the water spray!”  Click on this link or the picture on the right  to view the shower.  Enjoy the videos!

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