Welcome to the world “Black Jack”!

"Hello World," says, Black Jack. Black Jack, World says, "Hello!"

Andersons Alpacas is proud to announce the arrival of Willow’s newest cria!  He is black from head to toe and nose to tail! Welcome to the world “Black Jack”! Both cria and dam are well.  Black Jack was born during the day on Monday, April 2nd. Our co-farmer, James Deardon, stopped by to the feed the alpacas when he saw a little black head peeking up above some tall grass. He did a double take! “What is that!  Holy smokes! Willow had her cria!” The rest of our pregnant dams are due in the fall. He was already up and nursing like a champ. He is very independent and is comfortable in the herd even when mom is a little ways away from him. All the other alpacas are very welcoming of the new little guy.

Willow is a fabulous mom. Black Jack is Willow’s fourth cria.  She has produced three cria in addition to Black Jack, all of whom have placed first through third in various significant east coast shows.

Jack was sired by Fireweed Farm’s Kubla Kahn.  Kubla is the fabulous rosegray son of 11 time Color Champion and 5 time Get-of-Sire winner, Aga Khan. Aga is descended from Shere Khan, possibly the most famous herd sire in Peru, who sired the Vendagor/Capac line.  Kubla has won numerous awards in his own rite, and is producing some fantastic crias.

We named our new boy “Black Jack” after my dear departed dad, Jack Shanahan. When we were kids, dad would pass out the licorice gum that came in the turquoise wrapper, Black Jack (it was the first gum to be offered in sticks as we know it today).  In any case, we would, occasionally and always affectionately, call my dad “Black Jack”. Somehow, my mom received the moniker “Apple Annie”. When we have a little girl cria, she will be named that after mom.

Enjoy the pictures of Black Jack, Willow, and the rest of the herd.

"Who's the new guy?"

Holly, Skylark, and Duchess sniff the newcomer as the proud mom (right) supervises. Analise patiently waits her turn in the back row.

Black Jack frolics in the grass.

Momma Willow nuzzles her newest little one.

Willow and her cria, Black Jack.



Mary - April 12, 2012 - 8:43 pm

O.my.good.gravy. That baby boy is cute….. Love the plethera of bouffants in the last photo!

Killy - July 7, 2012 - 9:45 am

Hi, First of all great website/blog! I am an Alpaca lover just like you, but I don’t own any of my own (yet). I just manliy wanted to tell you hi and hopefully be able to exchange some Alpaca-obsession with you! Please feel free to email me at given email address, I love having Alpaca friends haha! Hopefully I will talk to you soon!/ Elin in Minnesota

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