What a Wonderful World… CABO and Comraderie

 I gotta tell you… alpaca farmers are some of the friendliest and most cooperative folks in the world. This weekend, Bob is off to Carolina where the Carolina Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association is hosting an “Alpaca Celebration“.  The show features the usual: halter competitions, performance classes, spin offs, and so on.

 Bob is bringing two of our animals, as well as the animals of two of our fellow alpaca farmers. He is using the trailer of yet another friendly alpaca farmer and he is showing an animal for our “partners”, who can’t make the trip.  I believe, if I have counted correctly, that we have five small alpaca farmers cooperating with each other as we figure out how to caravan and “carpool” on our way to and from the CABO show. Some of us might very well compete with each other in some halter or performance classes. We have in the past. Yet, the cooperation and support of each other is foremost in this group! We are blessed and pleased to share this remarkable, friendly, professional relationship with all of them!
Good luck to Bob as he shows Ice Dancer (barn name = Ice boy), again. We are also showing Mattie Mae, our very densly covered suri. We are very interested to hear what the judges have to say about her. She is not the typical-looking suri. But her fleece is lustrous, long, and very dense. I know spinners who would love her fleece. We’ll see what the judges say.

Good luck to Deardons, Suri Downs, and Fireweed. Thanks to New Trails Alpacas for the use of the trailer. They made it safely there. All are checked in. Let the games begin! Godspeed you all back home on Sunday.


Mattie Mae


Ice Boy wins 2nd Place at VAOBA December 2011

mozanne - February 19, 2012 - 6:08 pm

The results are in! Ice Boy won a blue ribbon (first)! and Maggie took 6th place.

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