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I Knit, Therefore I Am

I am a lifelong crocheter and recently tried knitting. Again. There were several starts and stops over the years. My mother tried to teach me as a child. God love her, but, I didn’t catch on. Our lessons ended in tears. A dear colleague handed me a ball of yarn and some needles with 20 […]

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Been Busy Breeding

After spring shearing and birthing, the next alpaca farm activity is breeding. This spring and early summer, we have been busy breeding our open mature females. At the moment, we have three females for whom we are making breeding decisions: “is she ready”, “which herdsire”, and “which breeding system”. Today, I will address the readiness […]

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Shearing Day 2012

Atlas undergoes his shearing

Andersons Alpacas teamed up with our farming partners, James and Lisa Deardon, for the annual chore/event of shearing the alpacas. We had 15 animals on site to be shorn. We employed the services of Darrin and Andrew, the shearing team from New Zealand.  These fellows are expert at their craft! They handle the animals gently. […]

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What is an alpaca?

“Alpacas.” She spoke the word to me like Mr. Mcguire spoke the word “plastics” to Ben in “The Graduate”. My girlfriend knew that we had a small farm and were considering what to do with it. “Alpacas?” I queried. Yes, Alpacas,” she said. “What’s an alpaca?” That day, a seed was planted that developed and […]

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